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When a code snippet, a pixel and a SIM card write success stories.

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Fleetboard & IT Sonix – A journey through time and 10 years of successful cooperation.

All current co-designers, former supporters, external backers and the IT Sonix crew experienced a journey through 10 years of successful cooperation with Fleetboard on 29/11/2019. There was plenty of room for good conversation, smiles and reunions while enjoying the refreshments provided.

At 16:00, the evening kicked off with a small champagne reception and a welcome speech by Andreas Lassmann and Frank-Michael Plonka to celebrate the ten-year anniversary.

Andreas Lassmann: “The perfect occasion to stop and take a look back, to rummage through the archives and see what we’ve already done. What have we achieved and, most importantly, how have we grown together?”

Frank-Michael Plonka: “There are only a few companies that we’ve worked with for so long. I look forward to our cooperation continuing in the years to come. What I particularly liked was that it extended beyond a normal supplier relationship from day one. What’s always set you apart has been the family atmosphere – I hope you can keep that.”

Immediately afterwards, participants were invited to take a journey through the last 10 years. Various screenshots, photos and videos of the companies’ joint work were displayed on monitors.

The evening was duly celebrated with lots of fun: playing table tennis, driving a remote-controlled truck on a test track and enjoying the VR lab.

Refreshments were provided by a food truck from Fisch-Art Street-Food GmbH (, offering delicious burgers, fries, cake pops and coffee.

DJ Frequento played some great music in our X-Lounge to accompany the evening. Even today, messages from co-designers, former supporters, external backers and our IT Sonix crew relating to their own experiences of the projects are displayed on a board.

We have fond memories of the time we spent together and look forward to the years to come!