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Innovation Space

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” (Alan Kay)

This is precisely the way in which we aim to support our customers with our Innovation Space. This is where we pool the expertise from all our different departments and combine it with the latest technologies and findings from science and research. Got a product idea? We validate your idea, build the prototype and bring it to market.

Methodical approach

To develop ideas into truly comprehensive digital products, all service areas are brought together in the Innovation Space. Besides allowing greater depth and breadth of implementation, this also makes it possible to perform other tasks. For example, we also provide support for business development, marketing and for financing models.

We invest in a wide range of in-house products to ensure that we can offer you the latest technologies and methodologies. We also work closely with various universities and supervise scientific work, including doctorate studies of our employees. The Scientific Advisory Board also helps us to stay up to date with the latest research.


Calysto is an intelligent analysis platform that automatically indexes texts (e.g. articles and books), provides suggestions for suitable keywords and can also carry out youth protection checks.

Reliable automation of these complex activities saves time and resources. Meaningful keywords are crucial for successful sales and are becoming increasingly important in today’s world.

More information on CALYSTO

WUD Leipzig

World Usability Day, WUD for short, is a worldwide conference that brings together usability professionals and representatives from industry, education and public institutions under a common aim: to ensure that services and products in our everyday lives are easier to access and use.

Since 2005, this event has always taken place on the second Thursday in November. The WUD now comprises around 200 free events taking place simultaneously in more than 40 countries.

In 2017, we brought the WUD to Leipzig and have organised it every year since then. In recent years, 200 participants have been able to learn about the topics of usability and user experience in lectures and workshops.

More information on WUD Leipzig

Start in X

Thanks to our many years of experience as software developers for telematics services, we know the applications and processes of forwarding companies as well as their technical requirements. Drawing on this experience, we develop intuitive apps that provide targeted support to drivers, dispatchers and fleet managers.

More information on Start in X

Virtual reality (FusionPlay)

We develop innovative gaming experiences under the FusionPlay brand. They allow the real world and digital content to merge together.

FusionPlay Heroes is a game in which a deck of cards interacts with a smartphone app via NFC wireless technology. The combination of real and digital elements creates an innovative gaming experience.

In our game Konrad the Kitten, a real soft toy is brought to life in the virtual world. There, it becomes an animated kitten that wants to be entertained and cared for.

More information on FusionPlay

Scientific Advisory Board

Since the company was founded, we have been supported by a Scientific Advisory Board. The members of this board are experts in the area of business information systems. Their scientific excellence means we are able to talk to internationally renowned scientists at any time, access current research output at an early stage and attract highly qualified specialists.

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