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“IT Sonix is an important strategic partner for our product development – one we can always count on.”

Dr. Christian Ballarin | Head of Product Management & Product Development

Since 2009, we have carried out extensive tasks in the areas of project management, software development and software design for Daimler Fleetboard. We are working together on this market-leading cross-platform solution for truck telematics, from the vehicle to the back end to the user interfaces.

Key areas of cooperation


The objective of our cooperation is to provide globally operating logistics companies with a solution that collects and enhances all key information from different sources and presents it in a clear way. This solution will also meet the changing market requirements for telematics and logistics solutions.

Key factors

  • Usability
  • Efficiency, performance and accuracy
  • Data load
  • Data security
  • System availability
  • Automation capability
  • Coverage of the complete system chain (vehicle, back end, front end, apps)
  • Cloud development


  • Developing and integrating different systems from the logistics sector, the Daimler Group and other service providers
  • Processing real-time information from vehicles made by different manufacturers, from PCs, mobile devices and (mobile) on-board units
  • Development for mobile devices, on-board units and server and client components
  • Independent responsibility for entire product areas from conception to design and implementation


The customers of Daimler Fleetboard have access to up-to-date, market-leading telematics products with consistent, ergonomic interfaces. The graphical user interfaces of the mobile on-board units (DispoPilot), installed in every Mercedes-Benz Actros, have also been redesigned. The market presence has also been improved via a collaborative process. We are supporting Daimler Truck AG to further increase their high product quality and fulfil customer requirements even more quickly.


During our long-standing collaboration, the range of services offered by Fleetboard has been continually developed, working with employees from our company.

About Daimler Fleetboard

As the central brand of Daimler AG’s truck telematics, Daimler Fleetboard offers telematics-supported services for cost-effective control of logistics processes and commercial vehicles. These services combine information from the areas of transport management, vehicle management and time management for companies from the long-distance, distribution and construction transport industries. Everything is displayed in common user interfaces, including a world map. The data can also be integrated into the company’s own shipping software using public interfaces. The company’s own hardware is used to communicate with the vehicle and driver.

Telematics services are used throughout Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Brazil and many other parts of the world. Customers include large distribution chains, such as Edeka, Tesco and Aldi, as well as fleets with thousands of vehicles, such as CharterWay.

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