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Users expect software to be efficient, intuitive and engaging. For this reason, our usability consultants and user interface designers are integrated into our software development processes from the very beginning. They support our developers with their wide-ranging expertise in user experience design.


User experience design is a user-centred design process. Iteratively and incrementally, we gather requirements, develop design concepts and continuously improve them working together with developers, IT consultants, you and your users. The key elements of this approach are:

  • Requirements engineering
  • Drafting and designing user-system interactions and user interfaces
  • All aspects of the visual design of user interfaces
  • Usability inspections by experts and usability tests with users
  • Developing the corporate identity, including print

Methodical approach

In user-centred design, requirements analysis and concept and design phases alternate in cycles. In this way, the software is completed step by step in close coordination with the development team, and with you and your users.

UXD process


In the first phase, we analyse the requirements for the application being developed. To do this, we describe user characteristics and the context of use and translate this information into personas: these are models representing groups of users with specific characteristics and usage behaviour. The personas provide everyone involved with a picture of the otherwise abstract user and allow specific usage scenarios to be described.

Define & ideate

Using the facts and figures from the previous phase, we develop use cases, workflows, information architecture and interaction designs. These form the basis for graphic design. At this point, we determine the structure and layout of information, create icons and define the image and colour scheme for your software.

Prototyping & user testing

We use the insights and ideas gained to create prototypes, making use of sketches, wireframes (digital sketches) and specifications. Regular user tests and feedback loops guarantee a product that is perfect for your requirements.

Development integration

Successfully validated concepts are integrated into development. An iterative approach is used to continually increase the usability of the software.

WUD Leipzig

World Usability Day, WUD for short, is a worldwide conference that brings together usability professionals and representatives from industry, education and public institutions under a common aim: to ensure that services and products in our everyday lives are easier to access and use.

Since 2005, this event has always taken place on the second Thursday in November. The WUD now comprises around 200 free events taking place simultaneously in more than 40 countries.

In 2017, we brought the WUD to Leipzig and have organised it every year since then. In recent years, 200 participants have been able to learn about the topics of usability and user experience in lectures and workshops.

More information on WUD Leipzig

Introducing UXD

More than just looking good. User-centred design - from a quick prototype to a successful product. We are a well-rehearsed team that complements each other to get the best out of your product with good usability. Our way of working is efficient and we always align our processes with the needs of the users. We combine experience and expertise.

More information about our UXD team

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