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Middleware for processing special billing cases and portal optimisation

„IT Sonix is the perfect partner for us in the realisation of our projects. We appreciate the high level of expertise as well as the flexibility and competence to find and implement solutions for our complex requirements quickly and efficiently. With the support of IT Sonix, important projects have been successfully completed and our goals for 2020/2021 have been achieved.“

Dr. Patrick Oesterling | Project Manager

Since 2019, IT Sonix has been developing a billing service for customer-specific cases in the powercloud billing system for Leipzig-based SENEC GmbH. In addition, IT Sonix has been modernising the trade partner portal and adding innovative functions since February 2020.

Key areas of cooperation


The aim is to make SENEC's energy management billing process more efficient - especially with regard to customer-specific special cases. In a further step, the interface of the trade partner portal is also being modernised and adapted for use on mobile devices.

Key factors

  • Continuous development
  • Continuous integration
  • Microservices
  • Scrum
  • Mobile first
  • User experience design
  • Webfrontend


  • Defining the technical requirements of the interface solution for connection to powercloud
  • Inventory of the various billing and contract cases
  • Technical expertise
  • Continuous exchange with SENEC and powercloud
  • Qualified solutions for challenging use cases


The billing service has been in use since June 2020. It successfully processes the majority of all billing cases and maps various special cases and subcontracts.

The go-live for the new trade partner portal was in August 2020. It was revised, a design system created and modernised.


After the go-live of both projects, the successful cooperation will be continued. The billing system is to be expanded to process further special cases or future contract types.

A continuous improvement of the trade partner portal is intended and extensions with future-oriented functions such as "Cloud to go" and "E-Mobility" are already planned.

About SENEC GmbH

SENEC GmbH, a subsidiary of EnBW, has been developing intelligent electricity storage systems and storage-based energy solutions in Leipzig since 2009. As an all-round energy solution, SENEC.360° offers a coordinated ecosystem for sustainable self-sufficiency, including electricity storage, solar modules, a virtual electricity account and an e-car charging station. The SENEC brand is now one of Europe's leading providers of innovative energy and storage solutions for single-family homes.

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