Optimisation of the production processes of a German car manufacturer

We support the plant of a renowned German car manufacturer in the digitalisation of processes to optimise production. An integral part of these projects is the prototypical implementation and evaluation of innovative applications and technologies. This involves many test runs and iterations of a product until it is integrated into production operations. Another central aspect of the project is consultancy in the areas of process optimisation and utilisation management.

Key areas of cooperation


Digitalising tasks in the production process poses a variety of challenges, such as ensuring the functionality of the applications in this particular working environment (in the factory, in open space). We support our customers at various levels in order to advance the transformation and innovation projects as best as possible.

Key factors

  • Web development
  • Mobile apps
  • User experience design
  • Prototype construction
  • Agile Coaching


Agile Coaching

  • Implementation of agile methods in the car manufacturer's plant
  • Training sessions held by our Agile Coaches to better respond to changes in technical and strategic requirements

User Experience Design

  • Transfer of analogue work steps to digitally supported workflows
  • Support of the product owner in requirements engineering
  • Context analysis and workshops with stakeholders and users to define the context of use
  • Definition of the user requirements and design of the solutions by means of user flows, wireframes, low and high fidelity prototypes
  • Close integration with existing UI libraries and the design system of our client

Software Development

  • Prototyping and development of applications for mobile devices and as web applications, including the associated backend and communication implementation
  • Use of established technologies such as Angular, Android/Kotlin, React, Kafka, AWS and IONIC
  • Integration into the IT landscape of the car manufacturer: Docker images, CI/CD pipelines, interface connection to existing systems, etc.
  • Architectural advice for development and planning of the tech stack

Innovation Space

  • After thorough evaluation, the prototypes are transferred into finished applications and integrated into the IT landscape and production processes of the car manufacturer
  • Development customised to the application


We support several innovation projects, some of which make it to the final implementation and delivery in real-time operation. These include, for example, applications for tracking manufactured goods in the production process (in open space and in the factory) and for quality assurance (scratches, etc.). The projects that are not fully implemented are closed as prototypes that can be put into practice by our customer if required.


In the future, further ideas will be evaluated for and with our project partner and transformed into new solutions by us as an innovation service provider.

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IT consulting, Software development, User experience design

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Q4/2018 – today

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Project size

13 person years

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