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A sport on the rise

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For a number of years, IT Sonix Custom Development GmbH has been involved in sponsoring the popular sport of floorball.

Photo of floorball players

Photo of floorball players

For a number of years, IT Sonix has been involved in financially supporting SC DHfK’s floorball section and its youth development activities.

The men’s first team plays successfully in the 2nd German national league. The successful youth teams are even more impressive and have all qualified for the German Championships this year. The competition will be held in June. IT Sonix is crossing its fingers for the under 13’s, under 15’s and under 17’s to achieve their sporting goals.

In this team sport from the stick-and-ball family, IT Sonix focuses on long-term team development and youth development.

For all newcomers to floorball: floorball is also called unihockey and is played professionally in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland.

It is a game similar to indoor hockey but with much more similarity to ice hockey.

The game is played on different pitch sizes with up to five outfield players and one goalkeeper per team. The equipment used by outfield players includes the floorball stick and a kind of Wiffle ball. The goalkeeper always plays without a stick.

SC DHfK junior floorball team