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A crazy 2020, a crazy #WUD_Leipzig

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A little look back at WUD_2020.

Even for the #WUD_Leipzig team, this year brought some new and unprecedented challenges. After much deliberation and endlessly refreshing news sites, we finally decided that this year’s event should be held remotely.

We had to reinvent the live event that is so close to our hearts for our own sakes and for the sake of our community. However, we were undeterred by our initial despondency and decided, without further ado, to simply hold the event remotely. After all, anyone can go online from almost anywhere in the world!

We researched suitable event tools and tested as much as we possibly could. Finally, we decided to use the tool Hopin. This enabled us to interact via multiple live channels and made #WUD_Leipzig2020 a very special experience for you and for us. The theme of World Usability Day 2020 was “Human-centred AI”. We had some great speakers presenting even greater lectures that dealt with a wide variety of questions on this year’s topic.

Frank, Chris and Larissa showed us that we don’t need to be afraid that AI will eventually replace us. Leif explained why the move to flat interface component design was too radical and tackled the question of how AI processes can be communicated in design to achieve the greatest possible comprehensibility and pleasure in using a product. AI trainer Manuel showed us methods for human-centred development of AI and explained how functions in this area can be designed to be easy to use and comprehensible. Lidia wants to teach children machine learning and also amazed one or two adults with her lecture. Frank and Hagen made it clear how important the cooperation between humans and AI is for finding successful future-oriented solutions in all areas of life.

The #WUD_Leipzig team on site had to grapple with some completely different questions. How do you light a studio properly? Which is the most suitable camera? Will the speakers find their way around our event tool? And don't forget to air the rooms! If only there wasn't that construction site noise from outside… Despite minor difficulties on site and some technical challenges, we successfully navigated #WUD_Leipzig2020 and are delighted with the positive feedback!

2020, you hit us hard but also showed us new possibilities. The #WUD_Leipzig team would like to say THANK YOU! We’re looking forward to next year!

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