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Last week, two of our scrum masters took part in Tools4AgileTeams. For more than 10 years now, the conference has been the place to go for all the latest trends in agility - regardless of whether it's about teamwork, leadership, agile scaling or modern work, for example. With over 50 sessions and a total of 65 speakers, the completely sold-out event offered two and a half days of concentrated knowledge on the topic of agility.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse in order to keep pace with technological change and drive it forward - especially as an agile IT company. Taking part in Tools4AgileTeams has given our ACC team (Agile Coaches & Consultants) new impetus. The 40-minute presentations covered a broad spectrum, from typical scrum tips for improving your own retrospective and unusual team-building measures for remote teams - keyword gamification - to sustainability in product development.

Our scrum masters are currently working on initial ideas to bring the newly acquired knowledge back into the company in a timely manner and, where necessary, to enter into closer dialogue with other teams. In particular, new ways of making our software development processes even greener are always worth a closer look for us due to our sustainable corporate philosophy.