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Women Rock! Day

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On the occasion of "Women Rock! Day", we are taking the opportunity today to put the spotlight on three of our outstanding female employees who really rock our company. Not only do they provide insights into their day-to-day work, they also share inspiring stories and challenges they have faced in their careers to date.

We are starting with Tina, who joined us in 2021 and has been supporting our UXD team ever since. Tina studied integrated product design in Dessau and has already gained professional experience as a team leader in various design teams. She tells us about her path to becoming a user interface designer, among other things.

"During the summer holidays of year 11, I did an internship at a design agency. I then got more and more involved with the subject and came up with the idea of doing something with product design and computer interaction.

It all became more concrete after my A-levels, when I enrolled on the Media Informatics programme at TU Dresden. The degree programme was quite broad and had a bit of everything, including game development. Overall, however, it wasn't enough design for me and that was also the reason why I applied for a design degree programme. I was able to get a taste of everything in Dessau and ultimately decided to specialise in product and industrial design. At the time, I was particularly fascinated by the fact that you deal with the interaction between people and products. Not only back then, but it's also something that is still present in my job as a user interface designer today. This focus on how I can improve this interaction in order to support people. During my Master's degree, I also did an internship at an agency in Kiel. I worked in different areas and realised that user interface design is something that not only suits me, but is also fun.

Despite my affinity for UI, my career start as a designer was very classic in graphic design. I was head of the design team at a company that manufactures various paper products (tableware, etc.). As it was always important to me to work on products that have added value - whether physical or digital - I later switched to an IT company that develops e-learning software and its own content. Initially, I supported the content team there, from the design to the creation of e-learning courses, but then moved more and more towards user interface design and then helped to set up a small design team as team leader.

In 2021, I was contacted by IT Sonix via a job platform. At the time, I had no urgent desire to change jobs, but I thought that the position would be a good fit for the direction in which I wanted to develop. I wanted to get out of administrative tasks and be more productive again, using and expanding my design skills. IT Sonix seemed to offer me the right framework for this. The trial working day ultimately convinced me to make the switch, as did the team and the overall working atmosphere. Yes, that's how I ended up here as a User Interface Designer.

In addition to my team, I particularly appreciate the project-related variety of being able to work on new and exciting topics again and again. In product development, I find it important to be close to the people who build the product - whether they are developers or skilled craftspeople - as this is the only way to create a good product. The constant dialogue with our developers also helps me to expand my knowledge and skillset.

One thing that works quite well here compared to previous employers is the distribution of the workload. Of course, things can get stressful during peak periods, but I don't have to put out the fire alone. Overall, despite the size, the atmosphere here is very family-like and this is of course also due to the flat hierarchies and open doors, which are not only advertised on the website for marketing purposes, but are also practised. You can chat to other employees and are always listened to if you need help. In my job, it's important that the vibe is right and that's clearly the case at IT Sonix.

In my day-to-day work, I'm noticing more and more female developers, which of course makes me happy. But basically, I enjoy working with everyone here. I like it when teams are diverse and IT Sonix already has a good mix. The company also has a lot to offer outside of work. I'm a big fan of the fitness cards and try to take advantage of the offer to go to the fitness centre around the corner several times a month. The company is also very keen to recognise talent and support its employees with further training, for example. If you are looking for an employer with values that can hold its own in a modern world, this is the right place for you."


Our next interviewee, Tulasi, has only recently joined us and studied computer science at Jawaharlal Technological University (JNTU) in India. She has also already gained relevant experience in the IT industry and enriches us with her expertise as a DevOps Engineer. We asked her about her previous experience and her start here with us.

"I recently joined the IT Sonix team following a substantial career break. With a background as a Java developer, my decision to return to the workforce led me to pursue a DevOps bootcamp, enabling me to transition into the role of a DevOps Engineer. IT Sonix has played a pivotal role in providing me with the opportunity to reintegrate into the workforce, and I am wholeheartedly embracing this ongoing learning journey.

From my very first day at IT Sonix, I have been met with unwavering support. Despite my origins in India and previous work experiences with two German companies here in Germany, what truly sets IT Sonix apart is its intentional efforts to foster integration. The inclusive environment is palpable in the way individuals communicate and engage with one another. Coming from a distinct cultural background, I've witnessed a proactive commitment to understanding and bridging cultural differences within the workplace.

A standout aspect for me has been the genuine dedication to promoting diversity. I am not alone in being a woman in my team, which was always the case in the previous Employments; here having a female project manager serves as a tremendous source of motivation. Additionally, the commitment to work-life balance at IT Sonix significantly contributes to creating a positive and supportive work environment. I take pride in being part of a workplace that not only values diversity but actively champions it, making IT Sonix an inclusive and empowering space for people from diverse cultural backgrounds in tech."

Our interview series concludes with Mandy, who has been head of our HR department for almost a year now. She talks about her training and career path and takes a closer look at our company with her experienced HR perspective.

„I did a traditional apprenticeship as an office administrator and went through all the departments back then. I quickly realised that I really liked personnel marketing. I specialised in it, but also realised that I wouldn't get very far in this field without a school-leaving certificate. In the end, I did my A-levels on the second educational path and went to Merseburg to study business administration.

I then started my first job in human resources in Munich. I worked there as a headhunter for a service provider and wrote to people on Xing for banking, insurance and management positions. That went on for a while, but it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. I had been interested in IT since I was a child and at that time I was also in the process of learning a few programming skills with Delphi. I eventually found a job as a resource manager in the IT sector and put together entire development project teams for large companies such as BMW. After a few years in Munich, I was drawn back home to central Germany and joined a software company in Leipzig as a recruiter. Shortly before I started at IT Sonix, I worked as a Senior HR Business Partner in a digital marketing agency. There I was responsible for personnel development, recruiting and advising management. As the company was affected by site closures, I actively looked for new positions and ultimately came to IT Sonix via a service provider. I was put in charge of the HR team here.

All in all, my start went quite well and after just 2-3 days I felt as if I had always worked here. I was immediately taken by the openness of the other employees in particular. People are helpful and the whole thing here feels a bit like an extended circle of friends. To say that everything here is on an equal footing always sounds a bit trite, but that's actually the case. We treat each other with respect and there is no dog-eat-dog mentality. You can put forward your ideas and be heard, and the management is always ready to listen to everyone.

What I particularly appreciate here, in contrast to my previous positions, is the flexibility of the HR team. We can more or less organise our own working hours and you don't feel like you're being watched. I have a dog myself and even though I can't take him into the office with me, the hybrid model here is something that suits my own pace of life very well. Overall, I have the feeling that we are doing a pretty good job with our HR team as we have built it up in recent times. We feel a certain amount of recognition for our commitment and are always pleased when employees come to us and ask us for help or tips.

Speaking of support ... The company always endeavours to show its own employees real prospects. Anyone who wants to change is not only given the opportunity here, but also active support to do so. As HR, we naturally like to see a company looking after its employees in this way - all of them.

Equality is an important part of our company philosophy and I personally think it's great to see that we have a woman on the management board. A large proportion of our team leaders are female and there are also more and more women among the developers. Compared to other professions, however, the IT sector is still lagging a little behind here.

As HR, it is important to us to also address female developers with our job advertisements and we have changed a few things in this regard. In order to get more women into IT, it is therefore necessary to create more visibility. Days such as Girls' Day are particularly suitable for this, but of course there are a whole range of opportunities and as a company we try to utilise them. In conclusion, all that remains for me to say is "Girls' in IT rock!" - So apply for a job with us!“

Last but not least, we would like to thank our three dedicated employees for their inspiring stories. Our efforts to create a work culture that provides space for everyone's individual skills and talents to flourish remain an integral part of our identity at IT Sonix. We currently have a female representation of 24.5% and continue to create an inclusive atmosphere for all with our open company philosophy. Together, we create a working environment in which our employees can not only work successfully, but also continuously grow personally and professionally.