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Leipzig Company Run

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Yesterday evening, in summery temperatures, twelve employees with a passion for sports did our name justice.

Our runners were able to position themselves excellently in the 12,000-strong field of participants and were duly celebrated afterwards with cold drinks. The Leipzig Company Run has been a fixture in the calendar of many Leipzig-based companies for many years. The event offers a good opportunity to present and network as a company or simply to leave the daily work routine behind and pursue the common running passion in a special atmosphere.

Apart from the sporting achievements, a prize is regularly awarded for the most creative costumes and jerseys. The running times can quickly become a secondary matter and the Leipzig Company Run impresses with its true strength: the coming together of different people. Once again this year, countless visitors came to the running track after work and admired the unusual ideas on the sweaty bodies of the runners from the side. Some of the audience will probably not only remember the bright blue sky, but also the attractive blue of our stylish jerseys.