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Support for Ukranian Children

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On 11 May, we handed over our donation in kind (including furniture and a playhouse) for Ukrainian children to the reopened village school in Dölzig and set it up.

We at IT Sonix are deeply concerned by the current events and see it as our responsibility to help those directly affected. Through the association UKRAINE-KONTAKT e. V. Leipzig , we became aware of the reopening of the old village school in Dölzig. Under the direction of Nataliya Bauch, Ukrainian children from the age of two to fourth grade are cared for and taught there. Her commitment makes it possible for the refugee children to experience a bit of normality again.

Surrounded by a large garden, the old village school is located in a quiet side street next to the church. It has essential facilities, but lacks shelves and playground equipment. We support the school with a selection of new children's furniture and storage boxes, a playhouse for the garden and a weekly fruit delivery by the Serka vegetable farm.
Since the beginning of April, the children have been receiving 30 kg of fresh fruit every week, which keeps them fit for the school day. On 11 May, a group of committed staff members got together and set up the furniture and the playhouse in the garden. The children now have the opportunity to safely store their toys and can have a well-deserved romp in the playhouse during their free hours.