move IT

Cookies, chocolate, fruit gums - even in our office you can find a sweet or two. Once a week we have cake and in summer ice cream to cool us down - because we believe that if you work hard, you need something sweet to keep you going!

On the occasion of "National Candy Day", we would like to take the opportunity to present our sports contest "move IT" in more detail. Here, our employees not only sweat off the treats they may have eaten in the office by running or cycling, but also help protect the climate.

Over the course of the year, our participants collect kilometres together for the health of our planet. All non-motorised sporting activities that can be done outdoors are permitted. For every 1,000 kilometres covered, we plant one tree. As an IT company from Leipzig, it is important to us to make a difference in the region, because climate change does not stop at our doorstep. That is why we decided to cooperate with PLANT-MY-TREEĀ®. The company has been implementing important reforestation projects in Germany for over twenty years.

This year, our employees were so active that we managed to exceed the set kilometre target twice! We were particularly pleased to be able to plant 102 trees (71 through kilometres and 31 by foregoing the prize) together with PLANT-MY-TREEĀ®. We have chosen the reforestation area in Nobitz-Runsdorf for this purpose.

The contest also ensures that more and more employees come to the office by bicycle and thus actively save CO2.

Exciting IT projects and protecting the environment on the side? You can do all that with us. Become part of our Xperts team: