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Adaptation of our management structure

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In spring 2022, our management changed. Our new management team consists of Artur Schiefer, Franziska Beer and Jan Landmann.

After many successful business years, Dr. Andreas Lassmann handed over the management of the company at the end of Q1/2022. Artur Schiefer and Jan Landmann will continue to be part of the management, which with Franziska Beer has now expanded to three people of equal rank. Dr. Andreas Lassmann will be available to us in an advisory capacity in the future.

With Artur Schiefer, Franziska Beer and Jan Landmann, long-standing employees form our management team, who, in addition to their professional expertise, also bring with them a comprehensive knowledge of the company and take on new tasks. Artur Schiefer heads the areas of software development and data science, Franziska Beer is in charge of consulting and sales, and Jan Landmann is head of finance, human resources and operations.

The adjustment of our management structure also entails strategic changes. However, the essentials remain the same. Thus, we remain an independent GmbH with Data Respons as 100% shareholder and continue to be the first address for the agile end-to-end implementation of complex software projects.

Newly positioned, we want to continue to grow sustainably at the Leipzig location and expand the areas of data science, IT security and digital product development more strongly. We are already working on a certification according to TISAX® and want to be CO2-neutral by 2025.