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Job Fair Leipzig

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Last week we were represented at the Leipzig Job Fair. Twice a year, the fair is a magnet for exhibitors and visitors and is one of the most important events of its kind in the region. This time, over 6000 visitors came and had the chance to get in touch with a total of 170 exhibitors. Among them were companies from a wide range of sectors as well as personnel service providers and large educational institutions. Over the years, Leipzig's attractiveness as an industrial location has grown continuously and this also applies to the IT sector.

We spoke to three of our employees who were there for us with their own stand. Fairs like these are a good opportunity for us to get in touch with interesting professionals and potential applicants in person.

The initial concerns of our employees that there might not be enough people interested in IT did not prove to be true. On the contrary, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. we had interesting conversations with many people who were looking for a professional perspective in the IT sector. We were also pleased that some of them had come just to meet us in person.

It was important for us to convey an authentic image of our company culture with a feel-good factor: open, sustainable and agile. Through interesting exchanges with job seekers, we were not only able to gain an authentic impression of them, but also able to agree on some next steps in some cases. We even received several applications after the event.

Given the large number of companies from different sectors, it is important to be present at such events and to show the versatile career opportunities within the IT industry. Whether apprentices, university graduates or long-term professionals, hardly any other sector offers so many future-proof career opportunities for such a broad target group.

Our visit to the fair showed that people looking for a career in IT are by no means in the minority. We want to offer young people from the region in particular good prospects. Together we are shaping the future of the city and its surroundings and helping to ensure that Leipzig remains an attractive location - both for people and for business.