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Start of the IT Sonix Hackathon

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Let's get ready to code! With great anticipation, the long-awaited IT Sonix Hackathon kicks off today. All available spots have been filled, and we are already deep into preparations for this exciting event!

Under the motto "Keep us movin'," talented students, recent graduates, and apprentices will showcase their skills and creativity in a 24-hour Hackathon. This thrilling event revolves around the themes of sustainability and movement because at IT Sonix, we firmly believe that technology can positively change the world.

After a warm welcome and an introduction to the topic, participants will collaborate in dynamic teams, putting their heads together to develop innovative solutions. Our Xperts will support them with their knowledge and experience, ensuring that participants can unleash their full potential.

But we also know that hard work deserves rewards! In addition to the thrill of competition, participants can look forward to delicious pizzas to fuel their energy reserves. And that's not all – the winning team will be rewarded with a generous prize of €1000! However, even the other groups won't go empty-handed. We've prepared fantastic swag bags for all participants.


With great excitement and curiosity, we eagerly await the results of this unique Hackathon. Rest assured, we will provide detailed coverage of the event and its outcomes!

Raedy, set, code!

We are excited to see the innovative ideas and solutions that will emerge during these intense 24 hours. The IT Sonix team wishes all participants a fun and successful experience at this exhilarating event!