Corporate culture with feel-good factor

Food and fun belong to life like curly brackets in code. As an employer with a feel-good factor, we want to provide our employees not only with smart IT projects, but also with refreshments (meals, drinks etc.) and creative opportunities for a varied and sustainable company culture.

The health and balance of our employees at work are of great concern to us. In addition to fresh seasonal fruit and a large selection of drinks (mineral water, lemonades, fruit juices, etc.), we offer our employees a lunch buffet twice a week and a subsidy for the in-house canteen. Once a quarter we also have our vegetarian week.

But we don't just offer good food. Our employees also have the opportunity to visit the nearby John Reed gym with our company cards. In the last few months, a small group has formed that meets there regularly for a joint CrossFit workout.

In addition, a company table tennis league has also established itself on our premises. Already in its third season, our employees are pushing back sharply cut serves as well as hitting and blocking countless topspin balls.

And those who still feel the urge to move can put their sporting talents to the test in our annual "move IT" competition. All non-motorised sports that can be done outdoors are permitted. For every 1,000 kilometres covered, we plant one tree in cooperation with PLANT-MY-TREE®.

Those who are not quite so keen on physical exercise may find their destiny in our X-Force. The in-house gaming squad not only meets regularly to play games, but also likes to demonstrate its skills at official tournaments. And for all those who like to take it a little easier, there is also our monthly (board) game night in our cosy X Lounge. Tricky puzzles about sunken ships, magical objects and entire space fleets are solved here until late in the evening.

So much excitement literally calls for relaxation. In addition to our own shower and height-adjustable tables to relieve back strain, we also offer our employees relaxing massages in our office.

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