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WUD 2023

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Preparations for the now seventh edition of our World Usability Day (WUD) at the Paulinum Leipzig are already in full swing. With so much history, the location could hardly be better suited for our WUD this year - in the middle of the city, at the centre of knowledge.

The current motto is "Collaboration and Cooperation" and it is precisely for this purpose that we are again looking for interesting presentations and workshops that address controversial issues or approach the topic from an unusual perspective.

Thinking and working together paves the way for creative solutions that have the potential to make changes. Strategies to foster a collaborative design process are crucial to ensure an efficient and future-proof way of working. What contribution can UX make to the sustainable design of our world in the area of "Collaboration and Cooperation"? The use cases are diverse and concern almost every possible digital interaction - not only among people. Since the advent of ChatGPT, the interaction of humans and AI is no longer just science fiction.

Do you have an exciting idea for a presentation or workshop? Would you like to actively shape the future of the Leipzig region as an IT location and promote innovative ideas? Then get in touch with us! You can find all information about in our Call for Participation.

As the WUD is a free event for all participants, we are again looking for partners and sponsors to support us in making our WUD a complete success. More information on our attractive partner and sponsor packages can be found in our flyer.