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Between hype and reality: AI guest lecture at Leipzig University

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Continuing the tradition of bringing practical knowledge into the lecture hall, our academic speaker Dr Danny Hucke gave a guest lecture at Leipzig University this week on the topic of "Software development in the age of AI". The event offered students in the Computer Science Master’s module an in-depth insight into the rapid changes that AI is bringing about in the software industry.

Jensen Huang's provocative words "Everybody in the world is now a programmer" were the prelude to a 90-minute overview of the rapid evolution from simple coding assistants to advanced AI agents and a look into the future of software development. Some of these AI agents have only been on the market for a few days and have already caused quite a stir in this short time.

The agents can not only generate code, but also develop and implement problem-solving strategies. The presentation illustrated how these technologies are redefining the role of software developers: Away from pure programming, towards a more conceptual and monitoring function.

During the course of the lecture, it became clear how much the role of software developers will change as a result of AI. Nevertheless, it was emphasised that despite these impressive advances, human skills such as critical thinking, creativity and in-depth understanding of problems will remain essential. Skills such as conceptualising, describing and verifying solutions will become more important. This shift in the focus of tasks reflects the increasing integration of AI technologies into the development process.

Our Xpert did not ignore the fact that this naturally affects career prospects, in particular those of computer science students, and brings with it new opportunities, but also challenges. For young professionals, the rapid development of AI means that they have to prepare for a new working environment in which interdisciplinary knowledge and the ability to understand and design complex systems are becoming increasingly important. Danny Hucke therefore appealed to students to acquire the ability to interact with AI systems and adapt them effectively as a key skill. He also provided the students with some specific recommendations.

The extent to which companies like us at IT Sonix are actively utilising the opportunities of the AI revolution was also a topic of the lecture. This includes allocating time and resources to AI topics, following trends and trying out new technologies, as well as continuously training employees and adapting processes. AI should be seen as a multiplier for the existing knowledge base and not as a job killer.

The lecture led to a lively discussion round, which reflected the great interest of the students. Numerous questions were put to our Xpert, ranging from the integration of AI into the corporate culture to further training opportunities and personal experiences with AI. The students were particularly interested in how Danny Hucke keeps up to date with the latest advances in AI. One exciting aspect of the discussion was the personal approach to rapid technological progress. When asked by the students, Danny spoke openly about the balancing act between endeavouring to keep up to date and avoiding excessive demands. This honest examination of the challenges facing the industry was very well received by the students.

During the Q&A session, one student remarked that our Xpert seemed "very hyped" abouAI. Danny Hucke took this positively and used it to emphasise his enthusiasm for the possibilities of AI in software development. At the same time, he emphasised the importance of taking a balanced and critical view of new technologies.

At the end of the event, the opportunity was taken to advertise an open working student position in the field of AI engineering. The lively discussion and the great interest shown by the students clearly demonstrated that the combination of academic training and practical experience falls on fertile ground. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the students and Prof Dr Norbert Siegmund for the successful cooperation.

The guest lecture is one of many activities with which IT Sonix promotes the exchange of knowledge between industry and universities. These include the organisation of the WUD Leipzig, the supervision of scientific papers and our Master's module "Agile Development of Application Systems" at MLU Halle-Wittenberg.

We look forward to continuing to share our expertise with the academic world in the future, working with the next generation of IT professionals to shape the future of software development.