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E-world energy & water

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Last week, our Sales Manager Burkhard Urban was at E-world energy & water in Essen. This trade fair has established itself as a key meeting place for the European energy industry over the years. For more than 10 years, it has brought together the most important players in the field and also attracts global exhibitors to the trade fair city.

We spoke to Burkhard Urban and in the interview, he not only reveals forward-looking trends, but also talks about the opportunities he sees for IT Sonix in driving forward the energy transition. We have been working with market-leading energy suppliers and mobility companies for years on sustainable and smart solutions.


Burkhard Urban:

"Compared to my last visits to the trade fair, there were significantly more IT companies represented this year. Above all, topics such as virtual power plants and cloud storage services are becoming more and more present and you can see that. At IT Sonix, we have been working intensively on these aspects of digitalisation for years in close cooperation with well-known energy companies and are jointly developing solutions for the world of tomorrow. Increasingly, however, we are also realising that our customers have recognised many of the current trends with us at an early stage. In order to remain competitive, it is therefore important not only to expand our existing expertise, but also to look around to see where we could position ourselves and develop further in the future.

The meteorology sector certainly seems to be on the rise. At the trade fair, there were several companies that provide weather data and forecasts that need to be connected to trading software for the marketing of electricity capacities on the electricity trading exchanges. In order to be able to trade effectively with these forecasts, extremely precise data is required, and not just in terms of latitude and longitude; the forecasts should be more or less accurate to the minute in terms of geocoordinates. This is where I see potential for us in terms of linking this data to the various trading software manufacturers and their users. Initial discussions with a leading provider in this area have already taken place on site.

Of course, the topic of AI was also present at the trade fair, but not to the extent that might have been expected. But here, too, we realised that we are already well positioned with our solutions, such as artificial neural networks (ANNs) for automated maintenance forecasting for solar power storage systems.

Overall, a visit to E-world is always worthwhile, as all the key players in the energy sector are present. The trade fair is a good indicator of the current market situation and future developments. This not only leads to interesting discussions, but also to new discoveries and contacts that may result in future project partnerships."

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