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Say Cheese! - IT Sonix celebrates National Pizza Day!

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Attention pizza fans!

Today is National Pizza Day in the US - and we're celebrating with all our employees! A day that not only makes the hearts of our Xperts beat faster, but also conjures up the aroma of tomato sauce and melted cheese in the air. IT Sonix has decided to celebrate this day with Pizzapalooza for all employees!

During the lunch break, our X Lounge is transformed into a Naples-style trattoria. This time, the aroma of fresh dough, aromatic tomatoes and cheese lures even the last employees out of their office. Instead of the usual hustle and bustle at the salad bar, the pizza boxes are flying.

The company has conjured up the much-loved pizza in all its splendid variations for the employees. Of course, our Xperten are particularly happy about this welcome distraction from the canteen food.

All in all, a day that proves: Pizza makes you happy! IT Sonix is not only celebrating National Pizza Day, but also the joy of good food and spending time together during the lunch break.

For today: On your pizza, get set go! - and a fantastic National Pizza Day to all pizza lovers out there! 🍕