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Sustainability Guild

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We think of innovations holistically and pay attention to sustainable solutions - both in our projects and in our everyday office life. Our colleagues in the IT Sonix Sustainability Guild, whom we introduce in this article, make a major contribution to this.

Responsibility means taking action.

As a successful IT company based in the heart of Leipzig, we see it as our task to also have a positive impact on the interests of society as a whole with our work. Therefore, in our projects and in our everyday work, we make sure to implement sustainable solutions that not only meet the minimum requirements, but go beyond them. In addition, we are guided - together with Data Respons - by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy, sustainability is lived at our company and not just implemented with top-down decisions - in short: all Xperts may and should contribute to this.

At the end of 2019, committed employees got together and founded the IT Sonix Sustainability Guild with the aim of further strengthening sustainability awareness in our company and implementing concrete steps to achieve this within the company. Since then, our Sustainability Guild has not only enjoyed lively participation, but has also met with a lot of approval among all our Xperts.

A major goal of IT Sonix and consequently also of our Sustainability Guild is to work in a CO2-neutral way. Green electricity from renewable energy sources and offsetting air travel by supporting climate protection projects are just two things that have already contributed to CO2 reduction at IT Sonix in recent years. In addition, many initiatives of the Sustainability Guild, such as the cooperation with PLANT-MY-TREEĀ® or "water in glass bottles" and the purchase of regional and seasonal products, ensure more climate protection.

And also this year, our Sustainability Guild has initiated an innovation for more environmental protection at IT Sonix: from this year on, our employees can use the LVB job ticket and thus manage their commute to work in a climate-friendly way and at the same time at a reduced price by public transport. A vegetarian week is also offered to our employees once a quarter as part of the company's free meal offers (from breakfast to lunch to cake). And because sustainability also includes our health, we also receive valuable monthly health tips from our Sustainability Guild.

We are currently planning which projects we can and would like to use to offset our CO2 consumption in the future in order to work in a completely CO2-neutral manner in the foreseeable future. For 2022, we want to compensate not only all flights, but also all journeys to work by our employees with every means of transport as well as purchased goods and services to 100 %.

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