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Company event

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Every year, when the temperatures start to settle somewhere around the 25-degree mark, the leaves in the surrounding forests start to change colour and more and more spider webs hang in the bushes, it means the time for the company event has come again. Last year we went to Oberwiesenthal, Germany's highest town at the foot of the Fichtelberg, but this year our journey takes us to the shores of Zeulenroda lake: to the Bio-Seehotel. This picturesque gem is located in the middle of the Thuringian Vogtland and has already amazed many a holidaymaker - feel-good factor guaranteed.

As an employer, it is important for us to be receptive to the needs of our staff. Over the years, we have tried new things for our company event and integrated feedback from our employees into the planning. Today, we are able to provide a family-friendly offer that accommodates the majority of our team.

Sometimes there is not enough time in everyday office life to get to know each other better and to exchange ideas. With our company event, we not only want to give our employees the opportunity to get closer together as a team, but also create a free space for rest and relaxation. Of course there is also action at our company events. So far, we have competed in laser tag and go-kart tournaments, built our own soapboxes and then steered them through a course, and raced down a mountain on giant tricycles.

Our trip to Zeulenroda promises to be entertaining again and we are already excited about the adventures that await us there. By the way, there will be regular live updates on LinkedIn over the next few days.