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Find Your Inner Nerd Day

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Today is "Find Your Inner Nerd Day," and since things can get a bit dull without the presence of nerds, we're celebrating our nerds today. We're offering captivating glimpses into our in-house gaming team, the X-Force, as well as our monthly (board) game evening.

The "Find Your Inner Nerd Day" was established to share the joy of being oneself and indulging in individual interests with others. Its purpose is to encourage engaging in activities that one truly loves and standing up for them. We believe that creating an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable and can thrive is essential for professional success. This encompasses not only our career paths and health initiatives but also, through our open corporate culture, providing our employees with the opportunity to pursue their hobbies and nurture their inner nerd. After all, there’s a good reason for our motto: "Xperts with a feel-good factor".

For more than 4 years now, a group of employees has been gathering under the name X-Force, united by a passion for gaming together. Founded by two employees, X-Force has already experienced numerous unforgettable and amusing evenings, and has successfully showcased itself at public events such as DreamHack and Caggtus. Currently, one of our employees is also at Gamescom in Cologne. Today, our X-Force has evolved to the point where it organizes an internal IT Sonix tournament complete with a companion Twitch stream. Games like Blobby Volley, CS:GO, PUBG, FIFA, and most recently Rocket League are played regularly. The company additionally chips in by providing steam vouchers for the winners.

For those who prefer shuffling cards or rolling dice, our monthly (board) game night provides the perfect opportunity to come together, have fun, and enjoy some social time. The first Tuesday of every month the doors of our X Lounge open to an entertaining evening filled with games, laughter, and companionship. The selection of games is extensive – catering to a range from strategic challenges to intricate puzzles and cooperative adventures – there's something for everyone. New suggestions and ideas are always warmly welcomed. Everyone has the chance to introduce their favourite games or timeless classics. Together, new worlds are discovered, and unforgettable memories are forged.

Whether on the screen or gathered around the table, everyone is welcome to unleash their inner nerd with us.

Happy Find Your Inner Nerd Day!