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Sustainability report

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We are always looking for new ways and means to lower our CO2 consumption.

Last month we reported in detail on our measures and efforts to make our IT greener. On the occasion of the publication of the Data Respons ESG report, we would now like to give a brief overview of our initiatives for more sustainability throughout the company. The goal of the Data Respons Group is to become CO2-neutral neutral by 2025 together with all subsidiaries. In addition, we are also orienting ourselves towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

However, at ITSonix we want to achieve "Net Zero" in the coming year. In concrete terms, this means that we are already offsetting 50% of the emissions from 2022 and all of our emissions from 2023 onwards. But one step at a time.

It all started in 2019. Since becoming part of the Data Respons Group, we have compiled a carbon footprint for our company every year and are working towards our "Net Zero". In the same year, our Sustainability Guild was formed. The group actively raises sustainability awareness in our company and takes concrete steps to help us reach our goal faster than planned.

Offset projects

We are always looking for new ways and means to reduce our CO2 consumption. Since we cannot realistically reduce our CO2 consumption to zero, we rely on offsetting the rest. Here, the compensation platform Chooose, selected by Data Respons, offers us effective and attractive options. Founded in 2017 in Norway, Chooose works with an international team on existing as well as new types of climate solutions to protect our planet. Each package consists of one or more sustainability projects that belong to a common thematic cluster, such as renewable energies, assistance for municipal supply or protection & development of natural areas.

After an intensive evaluation of the projects, we decided on the "Nature-based solutions" package. This supports forest conservation programmes in Cambodia, Guatemala and Peru. In our selection, it was important to us to protect existing resources and not to have to spend new ones to offset CO2. Moreover, in addition to tropical forests, the local communities are also supported, and the projects thus contribute to almost all of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Measures within the company

We try to approach sustainability in a holistic way and this starts with our marketing materials. For example, our company merchandise is produced without animal fibres (vegan) and with organic cotton. As far as external print products are concerned, we have them produced in regional print shops to avoid long transport routes. When it comes to fruit and drinks for our employees, we always make sure to buy seasonally and regionally, to provide water in glass instead of plastic bottles and to offer plant-based alternatives to organic cow's milk.

In addition, we are active in climate protection with our in-house sports competition "move IT". Every year, we collect kilometres for the preservation of our planet. And the best thing about it is that we plant one tree for every 1,000 kilometres covered. Our goal for this year? A proud 77,777 kilometres! Together we keep ourselves and our environment fit. As of today, we have already covered 61.015 kilometres.

The way our employees travel to work also makes a major contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in our company. Many of them use a bicycle or public transport - we support them with initiatives such as job bikes and job tickets.

CO2 report

Now that we have listed our measures for reducing and offsetting our CO2 emissions, the question remains as to how our emissions actually break down.


A closer look at our employees' commute shows that almost three quarters of them were made by public transport or emission-free on foot or by bicycle.


Even though we will reach our goal of "Net Zero" next year, we still continue to work on reducing our CO2 emissions. Together with Data Respons as well as our Sustainability Guild, we are developing future-proof solutions – for our products and the environment.