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X-Force at the Caggtus

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This year, Caggtus Leipzig took place for the first time - and we were there. The follow-up gaming festival to DreamHack had big shoes to fill and mastered its task with flying colours.

Numerous people from all over Germany flocked to the exhibition hall for a long weekend. In addition to hundreds of illuminated screens, it was above all the green luminous cacti placed all over the festival grounds that gave the event its special charm. A colourful mix of visitors, participants, exhibitors and well-known names from the twitch scene celebrated a big gaming party in the trade fair city, including a cosplay competition.

With about 1,200 participants, Caggtus also offered currently the largest LAN in Germany. Countless computers and consoles were brought along, by car, by minibus. Among them was our own gaming team, the X-Force, which demonstrated its skills in the CS:GO tournament. With 21st place, they were able to secure a mid-table finish.

For more than 4 years now, our X-Force has been meeting for regular gaming evenings and taking part in official tournaments (DreamHack, Caggtus). In addition, they have also created an internal IT Sonix tournament with its own Twitch stream where employees compete for company sponsored Steam voucher.

Those who want to delve deeper into the universe of our X-Force will find what they are looking for here.